California Artist

Angela Westengard

Angela Westengard is a California artist and current member of the prestigious San Diego Watercolor Society.  Her work is consistently hung in juried shows in their gallery. She has also won numerous awards and has been exhibited in galleries throughout the Redlands, San Bernardino, and Riverside areas of Southern California.

To view her current art visit the San Diego Watercolor Society at 2825 Dewey Road, #105, San Diego, CA or contact the artist.

Angela Westengard very naturally moves her love of the spontaneous into her water media painting. Her zest for life allows her to approach painting like a whirlwind, often letting the paint take on a life of its own and tapping into human emotions beyond the paint itself. When she paints, she is lost inside that domain of color and shape; her energy intense, layered, the eye of the storm.

Angela attended Cal State Northridge, but was not formally trained in fine art. Her work, however, has been highly influenced by master painters that guided her over the years in various workshops. The lessons of painting giants like Millard Sheets, Dong Kingman, Robert E. Woods and Chen Chi live on in her painting career through the principles of simplicity, boldness, spirituality, and letting go.

Although Angela thoroughly enjoys painting with acrylics, oils, and doing collage work, watercolor’s unpredictability, in particular, reflects not only the spontaneous magic that occurs in her work, but also the power, heart, and soul of who she is. Painting a portrait, commemorating someone’s special moment in time, or capturing the essence of a nature scene always gives her immeasurable joy. She is ever striving to evolve and, most importantly, to trust the process.